Embroidery Cards

Handmade Embroidery Greeting Cards Making:

The programme is primarily meant for giving training cum employment opportunities to dropout adolescents and underprivileged girls. Presently around 25 candidates are working under this programme.  The programme trains them to weave artistic, hand-made greeting cards. The well designed cards are sold all over the world and it has rewarding acknowledgement among the consumers. Not only do these young women find fair and just employment, but also a number of them continue formal education through distance learning centres and some even attending evening colleges. The income so earned, is helpful for them to look after their health needs, support their families and safety for their own future.

Do you wish to greet your loved ones and at the same time reach out to some of the deprived ones?

Here is an opportunity. These cards are not the usual printed or machine-made ones that you buy in the market. They are delicately woven with delicate hands in India by our girls. You can buy or order for the cards in bulk. Each card costs just 3 Euros. 

To view the catalogue of cards in each section (BirdsChristmas, Flowers, Indian Culture & Mandala) as pictures, kindly go to the specific section and double click on the card.

How to buy or order in bulk for the cards outside India?

To buy or order for cards, kindly contact our Program Officer in Germany: Ms. Sonja Leeb.

Kindly fill in the Cards order form (on the right column) to buy the cards. Please specify the Card Number given in each card along with the quantity.