1. Evening Tuition Centres:

There are two evening tuition centers run by Pearl Trust.

a)    Evening tuition center for the coolie workers’ children

It was started in the year 1994 at Dharmarajapuram, Paramakudi, where Pearl started its first service. The beneficiaries are the children who are bereft of parents’ love and support, remain uncared and unlettered from the suburban areas of Paramakudi town. The tuition center is a place not only for motivating the children to study but also functions as a place where special coaching on their subjects is provided.

Integral education at Evening Tuition
Integral education at Evening Tuition

The activities are the following:

  • Provide them subject coaching particularly in English, Mathematics and Science.
  • Teach them the value education, personality development, on weekends
  • Teach them to practice meditation, team work
  • Impart them awareness on child rights, environmental education,
  • Provide them training on folklore and fine arts
  • Nurture the habit of savings
  • Conduct workshops such as creative expression for the children, environmental science, leadership quality
  • Provide them an opportunity to learn human values and life skills.
  • Provide 50% educational assistance (tuition fee and educative materials) to the most deserving students.

b)    Evening tuition centre for the children of Bird Catchers at Leelavathi Nagar

Children doing their home work
Children doing their home work

The children of bird catchers who were earlier living with their parentson the banks of Vaigai River in Paramakudi, never entered the doorstep of schools before 1994. To educate these children, one child was mobilized and brought to the evening tuition centre at Pearl and started learning along with collie worker’s children. This tuition continued to take place at Pearl itself till 2004. When the government allotted a particular place to the bird catchers children at Leelavathi Nagar, the evening tuition started there in 2005. Starting with one children, today more than 100 students going to school are benefitting from this tuition centre.

Tuition centre activities

  • Teach them to read and write in Tamil and English
  • Teach them to study systematically, think critically, and learn to understand questions and find answers.
  • Provide them subject coaching.
  • Teach them to practice meditation
  • Impart them environmental education, community cleaning and health and hygiene
  • Provide them training on folklore and fine arts
  • Encourage them to cultivate the habit of savings
  • Provide 50% educational assistance (tuition fee and educative materials) to the most deserving students.
  • Disseminate awareness on child rights, value education on weekends through series of training and workshops at Pearl Trust
  • Expose them to develop leadership skills, team work and personality through workshops and trainings at Pearl Trust
  • Conduct residential coaching at Pearl Trust to students studying class X, every year from January to April to help them score good marks.
  • Supply of educative materials, tuition fee and uniforms
Our Pre-School Children
Our Pre-School Children

2.    Pearl Crèche:

It was started in the first week of July 2008, to educate child from the socially oppressed   and economically weaker sections of the communities, namely, Bird catchers, Snake Trappers, Scavengers – Arunthathiyars. The idea of having the pre-school for the kids (2 ½ to 5 years old) is to provide quality education (a fundamental right, enshrined in the Constitution).The focus of preschool education is to develop socio-emotional, physical, and cognitive skills in a balanced way. Besides balanced diet (snacks and lunch) is provided to all kids that make them healthy and facilitate them to concentrate on learning.

Regular activities at the Pre-School

  • Self-learning such as how to dress themselves, how to wear footwear, how to eat and drink with table manners, arranging things in order, keeping their dining area clean and the use of polite language.
  • Other routine includes, Meditation, Reciting rhymes, Building blocks, Story-telling, Paper designing (craft works), Coloring, Group games, Physical exercise, Dancing, Singing

The education that we provide through pre-schoolbrings a ray of hope  in their lives and would act as a stepping stone that would pave the way for the improved lifestyles in the future.

Beneficiaries of sponsorship program
Beneficiaries of sponsorship program

3. Sponsorship Program:

It was started in the year 1995 to providequality education to the children who are poor, neglected and deserted in the rural areas who Sponsorship Program:have no other means of educational support of whatsoever. Little Flower Sangha members help us in the process of identifying sponsors. The programme is to ensure educational means to girls and boys who live in insecure conditions. Through this progamme, we also target children who have no access to high school education and assist deserving students to pursue professional education.

The person behind the Sponsorship program is Ms. Barbara. If you feel that you could be of support to educate a child, kindly contact Barbara in her email ID: parasamagate/at/ 


–       Provide hostel facilities to enable them to receive quality education.
–       Organize Parents meeting four times a year
–       Donate a set of dress as a Christmas gift, every year
–       Visit sponsors children at their hostels to know their progress on studies and learn their needs
–       Provide them to learn the options of higher education, during summer holidays.
–       Communicating to sponsors by writing letters

Coaching for Govt. Competitive Exam
Coaching for Govt. Competitive Exam

4. Competitive Coaching for Government and Private Jobs:

—The coaching center started in the year 2013. It mainly focuses on 10th standard qualified rural boys and girls who cannot afford to study further. The main purpose of this centre is giving coaching to students to get government jobs by writing competitive examinations. Trainings are given to students to appear for Grade IV Exams – to become VAO or Police Constables

—The Course covers all components of General Studies namely, History, Political Science, Public Administration and Geography and current affairs.

—Special importance is given to the following areas:

◦       How to get the application forms and filling it up
◦       Registering procedures for jobs
◦       Time frame of the examinations
◦       Special focus on objectives type questions
◦       Conducting mock tests regularly
◦       Guidance & Counseling

5. Pearl Rural Community College Affiliated to TNOU (Centre Code – 190102)

Nurses receiving light from the Doctor
Nurses receiving light from the Doctor

The vocational course on Health Assistant is the one year diploma which is affiliated to Tamil Nadu Open University (TNOU). This is a 44 credit program. Pearl Rural Community College conducts this course from 2014. The objective of this course is to train the adolescent girls to get a Health Assistant job in hospitals. Currently 25 adolescent girls are undergoing this course which offers following curriculum.

  • Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Basic Sciences
  • Life Coping skills
  • Communication skills
  • Practical – 1: Fundamentals of Nursing and Maternal and Child Health
  • Practical – 2: Community Health Nursing and Basic Sciences

Health Assistant is a person who has been prepared as a member of the nursing team to assist the hospital administration and health care. After the completion of the course this student would get employment in public and private hospitals and can become health worker too.