Tamil Mani: From bread-seller to bread-winner


I am a girl named after my own state of birth. I am called Tamil Mani. I live in small village named Paramakudi. My husband made our living by delivering bread/bun from a whole sale baker to retail shops. I rendered partial help in his business. However with changing food habits, people stopped buying bread/bun that lead to loss of employment. Life became hard to manage. I started exploring new options. I was introduced to Pearl Trust, where I started learning to use Computer and eventually got interested in learning to sew. After a six month course in tailoring from May 2013-October 2013, I purchased a sewing machine for Rs.5400/-. Then I started my own business of sewing dresses. Today I am recognized as one of the expert tailors in my native village. I get regular business and am able to earn enough money to care for the needs of my family. I am grateful to life, to Pearl Trust and to my husband who is proud of me.

Sivagami: At the wheel…


I Sivagami, am a local woman from Paramakudi. I had the privilege of taking a course in tailoring before I was married. Initially we managed life with my husband’s income. Eventually with two children it became difficult for us to manage our expenses. It was then I went to Pearl trust and re-educated myself in tailoring. At the end of the course, I purchased a sewing machine with a loan. Initially I sowed only for self and when I found I was good at my job, I started accepting orders from others. I was appreciated for my work and was soon able to pay back the loan from the money I made from my business. Now I am not only able to support self but my whole family. I am grateful to all those who helped me on my journey to self-dependence.

Gnanammal: Romeo wins…


This story is of an exceptional woman from Paramakudi called Gnanammal. I am a mother of two children and my husband was a minimum wage labourer. We could not meet the educational expenses of our children or daily needs of the family with his wages. Though I had learned tailoring years ago, I decided to re-train myself and do my bit to help our financial situation. During Oct to Dec 2013, I went through 6 months for training course and set up a tailoring centre myself. My new tailoring shop is known as Romeo. Sowing is my love and so I named my shop as Romeo. I was greatly supported by my husband and brother to purchase three sewing machines and an outlet to start the shop. I have employed two additional women at the shop. Now I am able to earn up to Rs. 500 a day. I now have a strong customer base and earn a decent amount of money.